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Feb 21, 2014 07:36 AM

Down Low on the QT

I can't promise it will be true again this year, but it has the been the case the last couple of years. The Original St. Paul Coney Island on St. Peter St. has opened their bar on Friday and Saturday evenings during the Red Bull Crashed Ice event. They don't have food (at least the last couple of years), but the bar is open.

For those of you who enjoy a good drink and vintage architecture of days gone by, this is potentially your chance to see it. Or maybe those in search of someplace new to drink.

No guarantees, just going of the past performance lines of the establishment. Maybe if enough people show up begging for food, they will reopen someday.

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  1. I want them to be open all the time! That space is the best

    1. So what is the current deal there? My memory says there is a long time family feud involved, but they must still hold (and be paying on) a liquor license, right? The place has been in this limbo for a decade or more? Someone update my history please.

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        I'm not a native of St. Paul or the Twin Cities so I am unaware of much of the history of this place. However, they closed it 20 years ago because the matriarch became ill and eventually died. The current generation must not need the money to keep the place open, yet they will not sell. They have been keeping their liquor license current, but don't ever serve their signature food item.