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Feb 21, 2014 07:23 AM

Ruined my Favorite Saucepan; Now What?

For years the workhorse in my kitchen has been an old All clad for Emeril 4 1/2 quart round two handled Teflon sauce pan with cover. I used it for soups of all kinds, for stews, for smaller quantities of pasta . I used it all the time.
Yesterday for a "ladies' lunch" I made corn chowder in it. Alas, while serving the chowder, I forgot to turn it off. When I returned to the kitchen after lunch --- disaster. The liquid had all boiled away, and there was only a hardened blackened crust that took three soakings even to begin to wash away. When I finished a final scrubbing this morning, I got it all off (I used a plastic Dobie) only to discover that there are small rust-looking scrapes scattered all around the bottom.
This particular pot has been discontinued (of course!) and the alternative I'd like the most is a Scanpan 4 quart, but it costs $165 and I'm 79 years old, and the figures don't add up. If the pot is still safe to use, that would be the best solution, but I don't know if it is.
Helpful advice, please!!!

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  1. you need to use some SALT on your scrubbing pad with just a small amount of cold water to start with and if that doesn't work you can simmer it with hot water and salt.This is so effective I keep on hand besides for cooking.

    Also use a fairly STIFF PLASTIC CREDIT CARD Like' an AARP card that come in the mail all the time to scrape all of my pots and PANS, too. use a stronger pad than the Dobie and some DAWN ALSO

    i learned this from a man.

    1. Call up All Clad. They have lifetime guarantees. Your issue was user error but maybe they'll feel sorry for you and offer you a deep discount on something comparable. It's worth a shot.

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      1. re: Jerseygirl111

        I'm not sure Emeril by All Clad qualifies for All Clad's own guarantee. I suppose I could give it a try.

        1. re: BerkshireTsarina

          I have an Emerils teapot. The handle broke and All Clad had no problem issuing an Return Merch Authorization for me to send it back.

      2. Hi, BT:

        Unless the pan has warped or delaminated, or the SS lining has been breached somehow, you are perfectly safe in carrying on.

        Your chowder sounds delicious.


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          That's the vital question, isn't it. Has the lining been breached? I'm not sure what SS lining is --- :-(
          If the pot is still safe to use I'll happily keep using it. (And make note of all the helpful hints here.) But those little rusty-looking spots, I dunno --
          (The chowder is very delicious, an oldie but goodie recipe from Arthur Schwartz's very first cookbook, What to Cook When You Think There's Nothing in the House. Still my go-to cookbook after all these years.)

        2. Once cooked a non-stick Calphalon skillet dry... to black stuff STUCK on bottom. KNEW I couldn't get too tough on surface and thought pan was toast. Somebody suggested this to me, and it worked. I GENTLY scraped as much of the crud out... not even TRYING to get to the bottom. I fill pan as full as I possibly could (to the brim) and brought to a gentle simmer. Then added several TBSP of baking soda... was forewarned that it WOULD bubble up and probably OVER top, which it did. Then let water cool before scooping some out so I could get it to the sink to empty. ALL of the burnt on stuff came off with a gentle nudge from a rubber/silicon spatula.

          1. Wow. I am so sorry this happened to you. Can you rub a wet paper towel over the "rust" to see if any comes off? If you decide to replace your pan, I was researching 4.5 quart cookware on Amazon recently, and found a 4.5 quart nonstick saucepot from Anolon for about $50. Originally over $100. (I didn't want nonstick for my purchase, but I do have some Anolon and I like it, so I made a mental note.) There were other choices, of course.

            Maybe All-Clad will come through with a replacement, but maybe you want something new.

            The ultimate choice is yours. Good luck.