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Feb 21, 2014 05:35 AM

Le Dauphin

I am going to be in Paris for 2 days and was thinking of dining at Le Dauphin. I am looking for a good atmosphere, good food and not too expensive. Does this place live up to the hype?

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  1. We ate there in October and loved it. High ex-pat/tourist factor, if that matters to you.

    1. "Does this place live up to the hype?"
      I think so, and it's Mathieu Amalric's hangout.

      1. Depends on which area of hype has intrigued you, as well as what you define as good atmosphere. The chance to visit Le Chateaubriand Jr.? To visit what may be a hip counter/bar scene? I would guess that who you see is very dependent on day and time you visit.

        I was somewhat disappointed in the food which was not at all memorable, but it probably met the house's goal. Was reminded of the old joke, "The food wasn't very good and there wasn't much of it."

        If I had just two days in Paris, I would aim for Septime. I might think about trying out the new incarnation of Rino if your visit is not imminent.

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          "I was somewhat disappointed in the food which was not at all memorable"
          Aizpitarte is a roller-coaster and to mix a metaphore when he's hot, he's hot and when not, not. I keep hoping, in vain for predictably good food. Would he could.
          "the new incarnation of Rino"
          Only one month away.

        2. Price-wise, it is not bad. A dining companion and I had 5-6 plates and 4 glasses of wine for about 80 EUR. I was not alive for most of the 80s so I cannot say for sure, however I think the decor is reminiscent of what a nightclub from this era would look like. Not that this is a negative, just...different. As for the food, I agree with what has been said before, when Aizpitarte is on, a dish is a homeroom, when he is off, well it can be a pretty big strikeout (I am looking at you bouillabaisse granita!).

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          1. re: sch89

            "homeroom" or homerun?
            Another ding against the place is/are the stools; I hate stools, slate and stuffed together.