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Feb 21, 2014 05:19 AM

Hong Kong Central Izakaya ?

Hi .
Looking for typical Japanese Izakaya in Central .
Thank You .

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  1. Seems like the better ones are around Causeway Bay or elsewhere.

    You could try Ginza Iwa Sumibi in Central, owned by the folks running Ginza Iwa (sushi), though they specialize more around charcoal grilled items. Of course being Central, expect to pay a premium. But you can get high end stuff like grilled Ozeki beef which is the rage these days over A5 Kagoshima.

    For more typical izakaya, Ishiyama in Causeway Bay is very reliable, although I find their yakitori to be weak. You can also try Sho-En and Rakuen (Okinawa themed izakaya, with a location in Central...I've been to the CWB location which I enjoyed).

    1. Depends what you mean by typical, it's currently on trend in HK so quite a few openings but the ones in Central are a bit more trendy and a long long way from Ginza. These include Yardbird and Ronin which have superb food (and charge accordingly) Three Monkeys, and a very new one on Wyndham St (near the new Tipping Point brewery).

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        Chef Matt Abergel came from Yardbird, and once worked at Masa (NY). Agreed that it is way more modern and westernized in style and approach but looks great from photos and reviews online.