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Feb 20, 2014 09:57 PM

Lers Ros Mission [San Francisco]

Thought I'd start a thread on the new location. I've been to the Larkin St. location many times, but never to Hayes Valley (I have peered in the windows). There is no sign yet on the restaurant at 3189 16th St; I walked right past it and then looked it up on my phone a block later. This location is maybe half the size of Larkin and more stylish, and the music is more intrusive.

I walked in for a weekday lunch, around noon; there was only one other party in the restaurant the whole time. Rather than order my favourites (which are everyone's: duck larb, crispy pork belly, nuer tod, kha moo), I decided to try the two-dish lunch special for $9.75, which I had never had. This was a mistake. The food was decent but not exceptional. Next time I will try one of the standards to see how it compares to Larkin, or one of the new dishes created for this location.

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  1. Does the lunch special come with a choice of dishes or are the two dishes specified by the restaurant?

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    1. re: bigwheel042

      There's a choice of about ten dishes, including some that appear to be vegetarian/vegan. I chose the Pad Kra Pow (good) and the Kai Pad Khing (meh).

    2. I had a vegetarian meal there in Dec:

      I ate there again last week and found the rabbit dish dry and lacking in meat (yes, I realize it's rabbit) but their special noodle dish, which had pork belly and fish cake, was excellent. The vegetarian papaya salad was great, and had a stronger lime flavor than their tofu larb, which tasted more like fish sauce. Service is better at the TL location.

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        Yeah the papaya salad is excellent. I can't order it anymore at the other Thai places that I go to in SF.

        I highly recommend the Pla Trout Tod Nam Pla (Fried Trout w/ amazing mango sauce) as well.