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Lunch in Montclair

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I am looking for a fun, casual place to have lunch in Montclair. Not "fine dining" or too "upscale -- more casual. I was thinking about Cuban Pete's, but we've done that recently so I'd like to find something else, something new, that I haven't tried before.

Any ideas? Thank you very much in advance.

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  1. "so I'd like to find something else, something new, that I haven't tried before."

    How do we know what you've tried, other than Cuban Pete's?

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      Doesn't matter...just recommend some fun, casual, good food places. If I've been, who knows, maybe it will inspire me and create a crazing. That can be common. Thanks.

    2. The $15.00 three course prix fixe lunch at Escape is not only mispriced, it is delicious.

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        Thank you very much. I'll check it out now.

      2. my 2 favs are Mesob and Brick Lane. Both have great lunch specials.

        1. +1 for Mesob/Escape/Brick Lane

          Next Door (get the burger)
          Ah Pizz

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          1. We were at Costanera (Peruvian food) for dinner recently and I found it quite good. Just looked at their lunch menu and it seems reasonable. The place seemed pretty casual to me.

            1. Next Door doesn't have its own thread, so I figured I'd post on this one...I had a business lunch there last week, and I'm still thinking about the new sandwich on the menu. Ready for this? Duck confit with caramelized onions and...peanut butter. On a stellar onion roll.

              REALLY. Only from the creative mind of Chef Zod Arafai! And yes, it VERY much works.

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                I've never been to either restaurant that he's at -- but I read a few articles about him, including an interview, and I know several people who have gone -- including people in the business, one who knows him -- and he certainly is "creative" as people would say. There is a definite "method to the madness" so to speak.

                I'll be going to Next Door in the very near future. Thanks for the heads up.

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                  Any time I suggest one of his places I say that Zod does flavor combos you'll never believe, and WOW, but they work! My 1st experience with that was a dish of salmon tartare w vanilla soy caramel. 'Nuf said! ❤️

              2. Since you mentioned Cuban Petes, Can anyone explain to me why such an establishment with a down right rude owner and obnoxious staff is so packed? I had my first and last experience there last Saturday night, We never got in to taste the food but certainly got a taste of the owners incredible rudeness and lack of respect for his customers. I decided to read reviews more in depth afterwards and cannot believe that this place is still in business!! What I read is many of these reviews is down right disgusting!!!!! Obviously, most do not care at all about how the owner treats people, and they go anyway for the food. I personally would never waste my time or money at Cuban Petes!!!! Just sayin!!

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