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Feb 20, 2014 07:30 PM

Lobster ?

I know, I know ... Wrong board. But I posted it on Northern New England like 3 weeks ago and got zero responses.

Because so many in Boston frequent Maine, I thought I would repost here. .

Thanks. The Hamster

Any Lobster Shacks/Pounds etc open now?

C. Hamster 02/07/14 4:36AM

Friends will be visiting the first week of March and want to do southern Maine lobster at a waterfront kind of place like Barnacle Billy's or the lobster pound.

My first thought is that most of those places close in Oct and open in April.

Will there be any open in early march?


C. Hamster

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  1. If you can't find any in Maine, Woodman's in Essex is open year round; and Brown's in Seabrook, NH is open on week-ends.

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    1. re: gracenote

      That's great news, thanks!

      Tho the whole seashore thing is the target .

      But knowing that Woodmans is open is incredibly helpful !!

      1. re: C. Hamster

        marsh, seashore, marsh, seashore???

    2. Warrens Lobster House in Kittery (pretty water view) is opened year round and Bayleys Lobster Pound in Scarborough will re-open in date on their website yet.

      1. Cooks on Bailey Island near Brunswick is open.

        1. Did you check Brown's and Markey's in Seabrook NH? For a nicer place with an extensive menu, we like Petey's in Rye NH. It's still closer to a shack but has heat in winter and lots of knotty pine.

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          1. re: dfrostnh

            Petey's is very good and right on the ocean.

          2. Well, not exactly a lobster shack, but you can eat at ICOB or Summer Shack; I guarantee good lobster.

            Some of my favorite lobster preperations can be found in Chinatown.

            As to Maine: I do not know enough.