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Feb 20, 2014 06:55 PM

coronado island, small wedding rehearsal dinner (10 people)

something nice, something special, cuisine flexible, a private room could be an attraction. good wine for certain. ideas?

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  1. You could check out Leroy's Lounge & Kitchen.

    1. Seriously, the Del really does this well. Great private rooms, work with the chef and the wine dept. Leroys is good, but nothing special.

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      1. re: foodiechick

        Concur Leroy's.

        Never seen the special.

      2. Concur with the Del.
        Il Fornaio has a private room with bay views.
        Mistral at Loew's resort is another option..can watch the gondolas.
        Candelas on the bay.

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        1. re: Beach Chick

          Ooooh Candela's, yes. Think the food would appeal to a large group? Love the view and atmosphere.