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Feb 20, 2014 05:58 PM

Looking for fresh or frozen dasheen leaves for callalloo soup

I have started to love callalloo soup (from the West Indies) and wondering where there would be a good source of fresh or frozen dasheen leaves. (Recipes say they could be replaced by spinach leaves but it is not the same soup at all then). Anyone know where I can get dasheen leaves in Montreal? Thanks.

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  1. The produce importers cannot get fresh dasheen all year round. Low demand, and hard to keep. My personal chef makes gumbo callalou for me and freezes it in 16 ounce servings. I once drove her to a Dominican market on blvd pie ix north of Jarry on the east side that had it, so we cleaned them out that day.

    1. Some of the east indian stores on Victoria near Van Horne (Plamondon metro) carry callalloo bush.

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        Is that dasheen leaves or something else?