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Dec 8, 2000 03:49 AM

Mexican -- Fandango

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A great Mexican restaurant in the Plateau - Restaurante Fandango. No oversized sombreros on the walls here. Upscale and friendly. A mix of regional classics, like the queso fundido (melted cheese in a clay pot with homemade sausage or wild mushrooms - we had them both!), and more unique items. The duck breast in pistachio mole sauce was a nice twist on the traditional chicken and mole (also on the menu). And my partner raved about her mariscos tumbada - rice and fresh seafood. I've been all around Mexico and, believe me, this place is for real. Has anyone else checked it out?

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  1. Where on the Pl√Ęteau? I've been craving really good "vacation" country food lately....Mexico, Trinidad, Jamaica, Cuba...anywhere warm w/ a beach!! I'd like to check it out during my time off work between xmas & New Years.


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      St. Andres and Roy -- two blocks off of St. Denis.

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        Kristine Grantham

        Don't waste your time or money. You would be better
        off saving that cash and heading to Mexico for the real thing. I was not impressed with the service (slow and spotty), nor the quality of the food (uneven portions amongst several members of our party, some
        reporting cold or lukewarm receipt)...I will not be returning, and I don't give them much longer before they bite the dust like many a restaurant before them with mighty ideas and nothing to follow through with