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Ferme Auberge Le Castelas, Sivergues, France-Updated Info?

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I have read many glowing, but totally out of date, reviews of Le Ferme Auberge Castelas in Sivergues and would really love to go. However, recently I read several Summer/Fall 2013 reviews on other sites that are quite negative. Does anyone have any up-to-date information?

We are planning on possibly going there in mid-April for dinner and maybe stay one night. If the food, experience, and accommodations have deteriorated, I'd rather not waste our limited time in the area. I do understand it is meant to be a rustic farm experience and am fine with that.

Any info you all out there can give us would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

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  1. Out of date ?
    I just wrote a couple of days ago that Pti and we had a very enjoyable lunch there last September.

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      Yeah, that was cool. Roasted wild boar and lovely roasted red peppers.

    2. We had a wonderful dinner in August - it truly seemed like they were back on their game. It is most fun when there are other diners, so hopefully you won't be alone. Since it will most likely not be warm enough for dinner outside, you might want to go for a Sunday lunch (if that fits your schedule), so that you can still partake of the delicious roast pig...and, weather permitting, sit outside.

      1. @Parigi: I'm sorry I missed that recent post.

        @ Parigi and Boredough: Thanks so much for the info and quick response.

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          Have a good trip. Do report back.

        2. I booked 2 nights there last week while on vacation in France- but when we arrived at dusk with no idea that it was so remote-there was no one there. There was a note posted in French but our names werent on it. It was eerie and our kids were freaked out. We drove out of the wilderness and booked the first hotel in town. The owner may have been gone only breifly and the place is kind of cool but it would be better with a group of friends. Now that we are at home I was wondering about the lack of recent reviews.
          Here's mine.