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Feb 20, 2014 05:34 PM

Par-boiling pasta

Hi, everyone: what is the best formula for partially cooking dried pasta? Can I just par-boil to t-2 minutes, set aside, and then finish for 2 minutes later? Can I somehow prevent it from sticking together without drowning it in oil?

What are the best chef / caterer / home cook tips and techniques around serving "fresh" pasta, very quickly?


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    The Ideas in Food couple soak the pasta in cold water for an hour or two, and then drain it (and keep it in the fridge). Since it is well hydrated, it cooks in boiling water in a minute or two.

    This blog post summarizes the idea

    Their book, Ideas in Food, discusses it in more detail.

    Other bloggers have tested it as well. I've tried it once (with toasted elbows for mac-n-cheese) and it worked.


    What is the probable wait time between cooking and re-cooking/re-heating?

    Why is there a wait time?


    For home, I cook the pasta to the desired doneness and then zap it in the uwave for a bit before saucing & serving it. I keep the pasta covered in the meantime so it'll dry out only a little bit.