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Feb 20, 2014 04:51 PM

brunch ideas?

I'm co-hosting a baby shower and the other ladies are already making frittata and cupcakes. I'm supposed to bring dishes to complement these, but i'm at a loss for ideas. suggestions!

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  1. I'd do a fruit salad for something fresh and light.

    1. Some kind of meat accompaniment like bacon, sausage, sliced ham, etc.

      Potato hash or other potato dish

      Sweet potato biscuits or other bread item

      A roasted vegetable salad or roasted marinated broccoli salad; grilled asparagus with mustard vinaigrette

      1. If the frittata is the main and cupcakes are the dessert you need something to go with the frittata so I would say two salads. Maybe a potato which everyone usually like and either a grain type or a pasta.

        The roasted veg salad that someone else mentioned would be good and easy too.

        Or if you want you don't mind working with filo people always love spanakopeta. But if the frittata has spinach...might not be good idea.

        1. I would do a lighter salad to go with those. A few of my favorite are this really simple french grated carrot salad (i often serve ontop of a platter of mixed spinach and arugala)

          I loved this mix of avocado and grapefruit, just use what fresh greens you find instead of watercress if that's not around:

          This side dish of leeks is very mild and goes well with eggs:

          1. An arugula/pear salad and herb roasted potatoes.