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Feb 20, 2014 04:04 PM

Philly Cooks event 2/19

I attended and thought it was a wonderful opportunity to try a taste of what the restaurants had to offer. Most were wins, a disappointment her and there. Citron and Rose was #1 for me and sadly bottom of the list was Federal Donuts. Loved the donut didn't love the cold chili glazed fried chicken. Who went and what were your faves?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I was disappointed that Federal Donuts sold out before I made it to their table.

      My personal favs for the night are between two dishes (both restaurants may feel free to invite me to dine in their establishments in order to break the tie) -

      Paris Bistro's Orange Ginger Braised Short Ribs on a Butternut Ravioli - perfect Wintertime comfort food
      Supper's Buffalo Grits - Anson Mills Grits topped w/ Confit Turkey Legs, Blue Cheese, Hot Sauce and pickled celery - I know it sounds crazy, but it was crazy awesome!

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        I totally wish I had taken pics of what was served... If anyone has a list it would be great to know. I had the buffalo grits as one of my last efforts of the night, so full it was hard to enjoy but I just had to try. I got to noord but they were sold out. Definitely a do again but next time I'll be ready with a game plan.

        1. re: mkmccp

          Yes, a game plan is definitely needed. Next time I'd arrive at the event 6:30pm on the dot. I got there a little before 7:30pm and it didn't give me enough time.

          And several dessert booths offered me end of the night goodies to take home, but I had no containers, so next time I'd bring Tupperware!