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Dec 3, 2000 07:14 PM

Montreal Birthday Dinner

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We're heading to Montreal in late December to meet up with friends and celebrate a special birthday (I'm not telling!). Trying to choose between Jongleux Cafe and Ferreira Cafe Trattoria for dinner. We love great food, but aren't into places where the waiters think they're doing you a favor letting you eat there (we're from NYC and encounter that a lot!). Any suggestions on which of these has the more pleasant, relaxed atmoshphere? Or, is there someplace else we should consider?

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  1. Nicola Jongleux recently committed suicide and I'm not sure if they're even open now. A very sad day in the Montreal restaurant community.

    As far as other suggestions go there's always Globe or Toqué...both an experience, but expensive.

    Hope this helps a bit!