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Feb 20, 2014 01:31 PM

Wanted: South Asian Salads or Lightly Cooked Recipes

I absolutely love and crave Indian, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine. I also love salads, roasted vegetables, and low calorie, nutrient dense vegetable sautées. I'd like to create salads and light vegetable dishes using the spices and flavors of South Asia. (I eat animals, I just really love cooking with fresh vegetables.) Do you have any recipes to share? I live in Houston, so finding most exotic spices and sauces shouldn't be an issue. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hey - I know this is an old thread but still thought you'd like a reply!

    1. Shred equal amounts of cabbage and carrot in your food processor. Heat some ghee in a pan, add cumin and mustard seeds. Let them sizzle and pop (not too long, else they will burn) and throw in a slit green chilli, immediately followed by the grated vegetables. Add salt and sugar to taste, and toss about till to your desired level of doneness. Keep it crunchy!

    2. Dice some cucumber and mix it in some greek yoghurt. Roast some cumin and powder it, and season your "raita" with it. Add salt and sugar to taste.

    3. 1 small head of cauliflower, 1 large potato. Boil the potato and cube it. Seperate the cauliflower into florets and soak for 1/2 hour, drain the water. Heat oil in a pan (be liberal), add a tsp of cumin and let it sizzle and turn a little darker, and put in the drained florets. Cover for like 5 to 7 minutes and check - they should have cooked a bit in their steam and look al dente. Don't add water. When done, add the potatoes. Sprinkle a teaspoon of cumin powder made from cumin that's been roasted, and a teaspoon of corriander powder, salt, and cayenne if you like, along with 1/2 tsp turmeric. Mix well and stir fry, add more oil if you need to. This has to be really dry to be a good aloo gobhi.

    4. Panchphoran is a mix of spices you should be able to find or make on your own - equal parts of fenugreek, nigella, mustard (or radhuni), cumin, fennel seeds. Take a teaspoon of this and add it to some hot oil in a pan. when it begins to do its thing, add about 2 lbs chopped tomatoes- blanched and peeled, if you can, and be careful because it's going to splutter. Add a green chilli or two as well. Mix well, and flavour with brown sugar and salt. Makes a really nice alternative to salsa.

    Hope this helps!