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Feb 20, 2014 12:43 PM

Just got a Sansaire (sous vide machine)! What should I cook?

My fabulous husband ordered me a Sansaire as a Christmas present and it just arrived in the mail yesterday. YAY! I can't wait to try it out and I would love some suggestions from those experienced in the art of sous vide cooking as to what your favorite sous vide dishes are.

We generally eat low carb so meat suggestions are especially welcome. I have a flank steak in the freezer that I was considering for my first experiment, but I hear chuck roast also turns out fabulously. Bring on the ideas, hounds!

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  1. My son, who is an engineer built me a sous vide machine and I bet I use it three or four times a week. We are also low carb. Just get into the habit of freezing leftovers or freshly prepared food into snap-lock containers and then transfer into Food Saver bags. That's the key; your food needs to be in water proof, sealed bags. I would recommend Jason Logsdon's "Beginning Sous Vide" as a book to reference times and temps.
    I now cook all my steaks, fish sous vide and I like to cook all day on my days off and then freeze the results and then I always have dinner ready when I get home.
    Enjoy, it's now my favorite way to cook.

    1. Start by looking on the web about sous vide eggs and then experiment with them. Amazing what kind of results, you can get and the difference even a degree or two makes.

      1. Thank you both! I have found quite a lot of useful information online, and I will definitely check out Jason Logsdon's book. Right now I have a flank steak and a couple of slices of beef shin cooking at 135, so we'll see how my first experiments go soon!

        As for eggs, I fear that may be a feature of the sous vide that is lost on me - I HATE runny egg yolks of any kind (and runny whites are even worse). DH loves them, though, so we'll see if he wants to be my guinea pig.

        1. I found an app from Amazon for my Kindle. We've just been on the go too much to use it again. I understand it takes carrots to a new dimension :)

          1. I've been SV cooking BSCB for sandwiches that my son has been eating regularly.

            I do two trimmed BSCB. Into a vac bag with some chicken base like Better than Boullion for a little flavor. Seal and SV @ 146-149 for 2-3 hrs. I ice them down and when well chilled slice for sandwiches

            Other short cooking has been salmon mi cuit and salmon cooked more done.

            Boneless short ribs, steaks, chuck roast....

            I recently did chicken confit

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              Looks great! We ate my first experiment last night - flank steak. It was tasty but the texture was a little odd - very tender, but also a little dry. There was a TON of liquid left in the cooking bag, which kind of surprised me. I cooked it at 135 for about 20 hours, but the Sansaire doesn't hold temperature quite as well as I was hoping - I noticed it going up to 137-138 at times.

              Also, when I first started cooking I left the bags floating freely in the water, and I think one of them blocked a temperature sensor or the circulator or something, because the temp shot up to 155 in the blink of an eye. I removed the pouches and added some cold water to cool the bath down quickly, but when I returned the pouches I duct taped them to the side of the pan opposite the Sansaire, so that they wouldn't interfere with operation again.

              The beef shin slices are going to hang out in there until tomorrow, and I'll cook a couple of pork chops for dinner tomorrow as well. Experimenting is fun!

              1. re: biondanonima

                I would think shoot for 125 cooking temp, then sear or hit it with a blowtorch for a crust (which would also take final temp into the medium rare range).

                1. re: sbp

                  Yes, 135 was tasty enough but it was definitely closer to medium than medium rare, given the upward drift from the machine. I'll try 125 next time for steak and see how that works - DH especially loves RARE meat so I think that will be perfect for him.

                2. re: biondanonima

                  Tender meat like steak, even flank steak I would do for only a couple hours to bring the core up to temp.

                  Tough cuts like brisket need the longer time to tenderize

                  1. re: scubadoo97

                    We ate the shin cuts today - delicious. Very tender but still toothsome after almost 3 days in the bath. We did have some issues with the temp of the bath spiking, though - it went up to 155 at one point, and who knows what happened while we were sleeping. I contacted Sansaire and they asked me to take a pic of the setup, so they could see if there was a potential problem, but they said this was definitely abnormal and that they'll send me a new one if they can't figure out the problem. So far, great customer service!

                    1. re: scubadoo97

                      +1 on that.

                      There are recipes for 72 hr. short ribs kicking around the internet. Find them and use them, though my preference is 48 hours; I prefer tender rather than fork-tender. Magnificent to taste a rare hunk of cow that melts in your mouth.