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Nov 12, 2000 04:55 PM

Visiting Montreal around Christmas with a toddler - what to do, where to eat?

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My husband and I are thinking of taking a trip to Montreal with our one-year-old, right before Christmas, mostly because of a vague sense that a francophone city in a wintry climate might be fun around then. So, I've got two general concerns: (1) Are there Christmas-y things to do? Cool decorations to see? Particular places to go? Is Christmas a big deal in Montreal? (I know that there's a winter carnival in January that sounds fun, but unfortunately we can't travel then.) (2) What are some good (and bad) places to eat at with a toddler in tow? Are the various high-end restaurants mentioned on this board tolerant of children, or will we be the recipients of icy stares if we try to eat there? Any advice or suggestions are appreciated!

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