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Feb 20, 2014 11:55 AM

Where can I find 100-calorie pack of microwave popcorn?

I know, I know, so mundane, but for some reason I can't find the 100 calorie size. I'm specifically looking on the Upper West Side. Even Duane Reade doesn't have it!

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  1. Did you check the standard supermarkets (Food Emporium/Gristedes/D'Ag)?

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    1. re: ellenost

      The Food Emporium near me went out of business, Gristedes and D'AG are far enough away from me that I would prefer to find something closer (I'm in the 70's). I can't really stock up (no space) so I need a place I can go frequently..

    2. FreshDirect has it currently.

        1. re: pbjluver

          Westside Market didn't have any :(

        2. You could always go with the old fashioned bulk popcorn and brown paper bag trick.
          Trader joes has already popped popcorn/lite kettle corn in smaller bags that are approx 100cal too.

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          1. re: Ttrockwood

            Prepopped popcorn is a storage space issue for me. I need to buy microwave.

            1. re: chompchomp

              My Fairway (UES) carries 6 pack bags of 100 calorie Skinny Pop popcorn. I love them, and much prefer them to the 100 calorie microwave bags.

              1. re: ellenost

                Love skinny pop, but I have storage issues with prepopped

                1. re: PotatoPuff

                  When I was in Food Emporium (Third Ave. & 82 St.) yesterday, I saw they had at least 2 brands of the 100 calorie popcorn.