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Feb 20, 2014 11:07 AM

Where should I spend my per diem in Fayetteville and/or Goldsboro?

Hey, I'm gonna be in Fayetteville, NC on business for the first three days of next week and I've got $25 a day for food, which I plan to save up for one nice meal each day.

I wanna find, in one or both towns:

A good non-chain pizza place, where the pies are big and greasy
A good place for NC barbecue (don't care which style, just not Smithfield, lol)
A good authentic ethnic place, preferably a hole in the wall. I spent some time on post there years ago and I thought Fayetteville was actually pretty cosmopolitan. I seem to remember getting good Thai food, for example.

Who can help me out? Please, I don't wana eat grocery store sushi for three days ;)

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  1. For bbq, Wilber's in Goldsboro is best by far for those two towns -- see NC BBQ Trail.


    1. @walras Thanks, Wilber's was already on my list. Bonus, its five minutes away from the store we inventory that day :)

      My friends in town have recomended a place called the German Diner, as well as Brooklyn Pizzeria and either BBQ Hut or Patterson's. Anybody heard of those?

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        If the German Diner is Max & Moritz Bakery & Restaurant there was an interesting review of it:


      2. Hole in the wall "ethnic": I would go to La Cuata, about 5-10 minutes south of Goldsboro on 117 Alt in Dudley. It's a place that's better to check out on the weekend, but even during the week they often have good specials. You may need to ask during the week, though. Previous discussion:



        If you want to try a random taqueria, there are a ton of them on 111 going south from Goldsboro.

        Wilber's is a good rec for barbecue, although I prefer Grady's in Dudley when comparing Goldsboro area places. I think that Grady's may open up for the week on Wednesday, but you should call and check. Wilber's is open all week.

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          Addendum: La Cuata is closed on one of either Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday, IIRC.

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            These are awesome recomendations. Thanks, you guys!

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            We found a German bakery in Fayetteville that had some really great beer. We went to Wilber's BBQ in Goldsboro, which is an iconic joint specializing in eastern NC barbecue, but we also found a really nice little Japanese place there called Sumo. Major diamond in the rough. Best free meal we had the whole trip. My friend Jess was over the moon about their Gyoza :)

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              Thanks, pretty cool that Fayetteville has good German choices.

              Wilber's was my first ever taste of Eastern style BBQ.

              Here's the FB page for Sumo.