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Feb 20, 2014 10:28 AM

Decent egg tarts (dan tat) in Seattle?

Anyone have a favorite, or one to avoid? Most of the ones I've tried in the greater Seattle use short crust pastry (Regent Bakery is the only place I've found that makes a flaky pastry), and have been pretty meh. Comments on egg tarts from Ranch 99, ID Bakeries, and Dim Sum restos are all welcome. And anyone who can get Tai Cheong to open up in Seattle can have my firstborn...

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  1. Jade Garden has the best egg tarts!

    1. Making your own is surprisingly easy. It's just essentially water+egg+sugar in a tart crust. I've used some instant mini tart crusts from DeLaurenti's down by Pike Place and they work pretty well for this application.

      The ones at all the usual dim sum places are all about the same quality (Harbor City, Joi's, Top Gun, Jade Garden), but usually gets to be cold by the time you get to them. The best experience will be if you manually order and they just happened to need to bake a new batch.

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        Big John's PFI sells frozen tartlet crusts, too

      2. I like the ones at Harbor City dim sum

        1. I was down at A Piece of Cake in the ID ( and they had a sign that said you can order freshly baked egg tarts by ordering them online (or at least, you have a better chance of not getting ones that have been sitting under a heating lamp for a few hours).

          Haven't tried them, so no idea as to their quality.