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Oct 29, 2000 07:55 PM

Dunn's Famous -- The best burger in years!

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During my very recent trip to Montreal, we stopped at "Dunn's Famous" near The Bay department store on St Catherine. They are famous for their "smoked meat" which my girlfriend had but wasn't too impressed.

I had the 1/2 pound grilled cheeseburger. It was so good I was laughing! I enjoyed it so much that we went back a few days later.

Of all the very good meals I had while in Montreal, this is the one that made the biggest impression. I recomend it.

I wish I knew the name of the crepe and fondue restaurant in Old Montreal, we went there twice too. Very very good food.

If anyone can give a better location description, please post to this thread.

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  1. I visited Kingston recently where a new franchise of Dunn's has opened on Princess Street in the down town. We parked in a local car park and then walked round to the restaurant. Just round the corner from Dunn's we had to walk over a huge pile of soggy cardbaord boxes, egg cartons and so on. The mess was dreadful, to say nothing of the smell. Imagine our surprise when we noticed that all the boxes had Dunn's written on the side! We couldn't belive the mess, or that they would dump their garbage in the street like that. It put us off so much that we went elsewhere for our meal.

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      I was with Linda. We run a restaurant ourselves and can't imagine making a mess like that, especially when it so obviously belonged to Dunn's. I mean their name was all over the boxes. Its one of the worst adverts I've seen for a restaurant. Stuff the smoked meat sandwich - we had great German salami at the "Rooster" across the road instead.