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Feb 20, 2014 09:58 AM

Old School Vegas Night Out

I am planning a fun birthday weekend for my wife and a group of friends. On the last night, it will just be me and my lady. I am planning an "old school" Vegas night out. We are starting out with a reservation at the Laundry Room for some crazy good cocktails. What would be a good dinner spot that has that old school Vegas vibe with great food (maybe more on the romantic side, but definitely a rat pack vibe too (Elvis can stay at home)?

Italian and steakhouse are the most likely option and we are leaning towards Italian, but I am open for other suggestions. Cost is not an issue and as we will be out and about downtown to start and are staying on the Strip - we are flexible about location.

This is meant to be a bit of a fun topic so have at it. The reviews on most old school italian spots are mixed at best and even the "top" italian places seem to invite a bit of dissent.

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  1. The Golden Steer would probably fit the bill. I haven't been there; so, I don't know how good the food is.

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      2nd Golden Steer. We loved it. Table side service as well.

    2. If you are going to begin your evening at the Laundry Room, you should put Joe Vicari's Andiamo at the D ( on the list of prospects. Just a short stroll after your cocktail hour, and while the restaurant is relatively new to Las Vegas, the original Andiamo in Detroit has been around for a couple of decades, and they aim for just the vibe you are looking for.

      1. Hugo’s Cellar in the Four Queens would fit the bill for an old school Vegas steakhouse. They present every lady with a red rose, service is formal, atmosphere is “steakhouse”, nice tableside salad & Bananas Foster preparation.

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          We are planning a June trip and have been debating strip vs non-strip options. Thank you for this suggestion...I'll check out Four Queens.

          1. Hugo's Cellar in the Four Queens Downtown is very old school and quite good..
            Hit up the Peppermill for breakfast.