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More news from the moochers of society....


Uggghhh. And all of this on our precious tax money.


    1. ???"our tax money"???
      "Sponsored by the non-profit group Hunger Free Colorado" says the link you provide.

      1. I hope your tongue is planted firmly in your cheek?

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        1. re: carolinadawg

          I think lingua's tongue has actually been permanently surgically implanted there.

          1. re: Wahooty

            It is a painful procedure, but she went through it with nothing but a local, a lot of nitrous, and Physical Graffiti on vinyl.

          1. couldn't disagree with your viewpoint more, linguafood.

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            1. re: westsidegal

              Do you realize she's being sarcastic?

              1. re: carolinadawg

                okay, but it's a privately funded program, so it doesn't seem to make sense to wax sarcastic about it on a "tax dollars" basis.

                  1. re: carolinadawg

                    I'm not certain of LF's meaning, but I read the "precious tax money" comment as referring to the food stamp program, rather than the photo essay project.

                    1. re: ennuisans

                      And she refers to the recipients as "moochers" in the thread title. I couldn't disagree more, either.

                        1. re: jrvedivici

                          In my opinion, no. And I THINK that's the OP's opinion as well. I'm basing that on the fact that he/she "recommended" my post upthread asking if he/she was speaking with tongue in cheek.

                    2. re: carolinadawg

                      Doesn't sound sarcastic to me. Maybe lingua would like to elaborate?

                      1. re: coll

                        Yes, sarcasm.

                        But there are *plenty* of people on this board who feel exactly this way. With no sarcasm at all. Which is why I posted what I posted in the way that I posted it.

                        1. re: coll

                          Your sarcasm meter may need tuning...

                    3. There are far bigger burdens on the public purse than those who need food stamps, but this isn't the place for politics.

                      1. That hole article was konfusing

                        1. I don't know if this is about sarcasm. Why kick somebody when their already down.

                          1. Folks, since this is basically just a conversation about whether the original poster was or wasn't being sarcastic (she was), we're going to lock it now, since we don't think it's ever going to get around to discussing the issue.