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Feb 20, 2014 07:29 AM

LaRosa's Bakery in Shrewsbury for our wedding cake?

Getting married this June. The catering manager at our venue suggested LaRosa Bakery for our wedding cake/s. She said they're beautiful and delicious. I've driven by but never had anything from them. Does anyone have an opinion? i've read mixed reviews online and before i make an appt to meet with them, i'd appreciate some feedback. Otherwise, i won't bother and look elsewhere. Thank you Chowhounders! I believe that wedding cake should be delicious - not just pretty to look at!

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  1. I've only gotten cookies there and they were nothing memorable. If they were recommended by your venue why don't you see if you can sent up an appointment where they give you a tasting sample of wedding cakes.

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      i was planning on doing that but I haven't received positive feedback about laRosa. Thanks for your reply!

    2. I've never been impressed with La Rosa and I can't comment on anything to do with a wedding cake. Just a mile or two up 35 (south) of them is Piece O' Cake which I have gotten many custom cakes from over the years and have always been happy.

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        Thank you - i will check them out. Always enjoy your posts jrvedivici!

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          Thank you very much and Congratulations! Just out of curiosity do you mind if I ask where your venue for the wedding is?

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            It will be held at the Trump National Golf Club in Colts Neck.

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              Ohhhhh very very nice!! Here is my tip for you; If you are going to have a Viennese table most people are going to gorge themselves on the various deserts that are offered. If that is the case the wedding cake is more ornamental than practical as a desert, so don't get suckered into over purchasing an elaborate cake!

              Geeze I sound like a wedding planner! lol Best of luck!

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                lol - very good advice. We are not having the Viennese table, but instead we'd like to offer 3 or 4 cakes, along with chocolate covered strawberries and mini canoli. This is why it's so important that the cakes are delicious, not just pretty.i'm considering platters of really good cookies at each table too! i'll make an appt with Piece of cake. thanks again.

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                  Well then let me throw this into the mix too, especially for good Italian cookies.


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                    ooh - that's good to know. Thank you as always. I should invite you to the wedding!

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                      Cue MGZ warning you as to why that wouldn't be a good idea. :)

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                        Now you too MM? It's like you are all ganging up on me! j/k

      2. La Rosa was once a local gem, but has put all of there efforts/time into their nationwide distribution. Quality hasnt been good in decades.

        Piece o Cake and ye old pie shop are two other local cake/dessert spots where I havent seen quality match the prior reputation.

        For the love of all things holy, do not go to Carlo's unless you want 16 y/o's decorating your cake.

        Inside Antoinette Boulangerie in Red Bank they have a couple of beautiful looking wedding cakes. I've only seen smaller cakes come out of there that look amazing. I'm sure they do wedding cakes. And if the wedding cake is 1/2 as good as anything I've eaten there it'll be a home run.

        Not sure if Flaky Tart does them, but their quality is also good.

        Pink Cake Box is the only other place I've heard of that does decent cakes. Havent been to a wedding that used them in several years, so I cant attest to the current quality.

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          Thank you - that pretty much settles it for LaRosa. I appreciate all your input.

        2. The Macaroon Shop in Avon has wonderful cakes. I always go back for seconds and I'm so not a cake person.