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Dessert in WeHo Vicinity Tonight

Hi, all. I have some friends passing through on their way back to LAX tonight who would like to grab some dessert and coffee before hopping on their plane. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm very close to Sweet Lady Jane (which would be an obvious choice) but the quality and service have been on the decline for quite some time now. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I would rec Urth Cafe. I have always liked their desserts, the Spanish Latte is amazing, the seating is comfortable as long as it isn't insanely crowded, I have always found parking within a block, and the people watching is pretty great. If you have a car, Sycamore Kitchen on La Brea has great sweet stuff and coffee, not sure what time they close.

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      Sycamore Kitchen would be my first choice, but they close in the afternoons. I am tempted to see if we could get some Karen Hatfield's magic in the lounge of Hatfield's proper, but not sure how dressed up/down my pals might be tonight. And not sure if the restaurant serves at the bar area, either.

    2. Animal serves till 11pm tonight and desserts include:

      cheesecake pudding, guava, seascape strawberries, graham

      blueberry, frozen brown butter crumble, yogurt, bay leaf ice cream

      tres leches, dulce de leche

      bacon chocolate crunch bar, s&p ice cream

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        Super yummy. But I am wondering if they would have space for us at around 8-8:30. Esp. if just for dessert.

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          +1 St. Honore from Gorge, but that's all they have (usually 5 types) - unless you get lucky on a night they have souffle.

          If you have the time + $, maybe dessert tasting menu at Providence?

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            I just don't understand the appeal of Milk. I think all their ice creams are too sweet and just not very good. by far my least favorite out of those kinds of ice cream shops in LA.
            If OP wants ice cream I think they should go to Neveux instead, more interesting and tasty flavors.
            Neveux also serves coffee.

          2. What time and how formal an experience are they looking for?

            Simplethings, Jar (bar area for butterscotch pudding), Susina, Little Next Door

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              I'm thinking bakery/coffee house to no more than dressy casual. All depends on how they show up.

              Jar for butterscotch pudding and banna cream pie is an excellent idea.

            2. SLJ quality has been on decline? I must be missing something here. I'm right across the street and have been eating their cakes profusely for 8 years

              1. Don't know that it's a "grab" kind of place....but Providence has a dessert tasting menu.

                1. Lucques has great desserts and you can have them at the bar. That would be my first choice.

                  1. Susina Bakey on Beverly is open until 11, great coffee and desserts! And it's a cute place!!

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                      Susina plus they have a parking lot.

                    2. I would second Animal, but it's not my first pick.

                      But personally would also say Red Medicine. They're open till 2 am. The coconut bavarios may be the best dessert in all of Los Angeles.

                      Pizzeria Mozza is also open till midnight, and you can stop in for their famous butterscotch budino, or an assortment of other seasonal desserts at the bar.

                      If you want somewhere casual, and open sort of late, Urth Caffe isn't a horrible choice. The triple chocolate cookies, and pumpkin pie are the best things to get.

                      Alternatively, Paper or Plastik has some pretty fun desserts.

                      If i'd gotten here earlier I would've said stop by Coffee Commissary. The cookies are so good that a lot of customers don't even come for the coffee...

                      1. Thank you for all of the great suggestions. Now, I will tell you what happened. One of my friends who is not as food conscious as I, read this blog post:


                        …and insisted that we visit. I had glanced at some of the press already. The idea of “extreme donuts” sort of turns me off. But my pals were on vacation and were really excited about it – what harm could come of it?

                        It’s OK. Just OK. By the time we arrived at 8:15 or so late night, what appeared to be the last remnants of the day’s baking were on display. I had a sort of orange creamsicle donut. One of my friends had a maple bacon one…with caramel dipping sauce on the side, in case it wasn’t sweet enough. The tutti fruitti donut that I ordered to go (covered in breakfast cereal) had a dipping sauce as well. The staff was super, super cool. Again, it wasn’t bad, but I can’t see myself heading out there again. I dare say that the Stumptown Coffee with almond milk was far more satisfying than the donut. And as soon as we had sat down, the inventory had magically replenished itself with different variations. Kind of like a game of chance to see if they one you may want is on offer at the time of your visit.

                        Thanks again for the suggestions. St. Honore at Gorge is now on my to-do list. And I go to the Coffee Commissary at least once a week for…well, coffee. I never glance at the baked goods. I will be having a cookie there soon.

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                          Wow, you've never had a cookie at the Commissary??

                          Crazy. People go there just for the cookies (I kid you not. Last week I was sitting there, and a party about about 5 people came in, and when they were told there were no cookies left, they walked out. One of the party, literally stunned, said, "wait, didn't we come for coffee??" and everyone was like, "lol, no, we just come here for the cookies." And they all left!)

                          Do you go in the morning, or the evenings? I'm there practically every day in the afternoon/evening. I kind of wish it wasn't so popular...my second home is getting very overcrowded.

                          In fact, I'm sitting there now typing this message!