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Feb 20, 2014 06:14 AM

[Heswall, Wirral] Willow Tea Room

This is for you, Harters :)

I have lived practically next door for over a year now and only just made it in. It's lovely! Just the perfect tea room. A roll call of Things I'd Like To Eat including tiffin and scones and welsh rarebit and crumpets. Lots of special deals riffing on the two soups of the day, jackets, sarnies and toasties, but I had an absolutely GORGEOUS bowl of Scouse, generous and piping hot and deftly seasoned, with bread and pickled beetroot.

I had a nice time with that bowl...

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  1. Forgot to say, it was four pounds. FOUR!

    1. Ta very much.

      I do love a good tea room. Mrs H and her best mate always said they would open one in our village when they took their early retirement. Scones, poached eggs on toast - just the sort of thing for the wrinklies. Of course, nothing has come of it.