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Feb 20, 2014 05:43 AM

Larb ubol today: What shouldn't I miss?

I am finally going to Larb Ubol today; can't wait as I love Thai food.

What shouldn't I miss?

(I have a high tolerance for spice, but not astronomically high; I am an adventurous eater)

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  1. Som Tum Avocado, Larb Pla Dook, Pad Ped Moo Krob.

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    1. re: knucklesandwich

      Thanks! I love duck, perhaps my favorite meat.

      1. I had the Larb with duck and the Pad Ped Moo. Both were great. My friend had the avocado and said that was great too.

        I'll be back

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        1. re: plf515

          I was there last night and had very similar meal: Catfish Larb and Duck Pad Ped. Both were delicious. I'm been on a massive thai kick for about 3 months now.

          I don't like their Som too much.

        2. Loved both tom soups. Loved the duck larb and a clam dish they had. Only bad choice: a whole fish (striped bass I think) which came out very dry