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Feb 20, 2014 01:40 AM

Looking for habanero sauce (ala new McD sauce)

I like that new habanero sauce that McD has now...if you've tried it, looking for something like that or else your favorite habanero sauce recipe.


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  1. My favorite remains habanero pepper, you just need water, rice vinegar ,sugar ,garlic , habanero peppers ,ground ginger and ketchup.

    1. I make my hot sauce from bhut jolokia or Trinidad moruga...well, not this year...the family complains too much when I make it. As for the habanero sauce, never had the McD's version, but I really like the Trader Joe's habanero sauce. Nice and thick, and less vinegary than other hot sauces. Hate that vinegar...kills the taste of the pepper.

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        A good habanero sauce with no vinegar is the El Yucateco line.

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          my favorite store bought hab sauce is chili beer hot sauce. it went under the name cave creek hot sauce years ago. no vinegar and very fresh tasting.


        2. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-KxARYPRPgOY...

          holy crap. it's the 19th ingredient in a list of over 25.

          what's the consistency? is it like mayo or more like ketchup?

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            what's the consistency? is it like mayo or more like ketchup?

            More like mayo to me , but really a hybrid. Light to medium orange tinge.

            Or as others say, like buttermilk ranch dressing with a hint of habanero oil.




            theimpulsivebuy folks are not only hillarious but they and thier readers are usually spot-on re:food.

          2. Despite not having eaten at McDonald's in years, I will confess that when I had McNuggets few weeks ago I also liked the habanero sauce. Based on the ingredient list posted by hotoynoddle I'm going to wager that you could jazz up a buttermilk ranch recipe to get a similar flavor. I might start with this recipe: http://www.closetcooking.com/2012/06/...

            Add habanero pepper instead of jalapeno, leave out the cilantro, and use vinegar for the lime. Also make sure to add some chili powder, cayenne powder, and/or paprika to give it that slightly pinkish hue. And if you are truly dedicated to copycat-ing the McD recipe, use onion powder and garlic powder instead of the fresh.

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              hmm..wont buttermilk kill the heat? but an interesting idea for a different kind of sauce.. will try ...thx

            2. The tastiest I've found are El Yucateco and Melinda's. Melinda's come in four heat levels, all with the same flavor profile. My everyday sauce is Melinda's XXXtra Hot.

              Not sure how their flavors compare to McD's though, I haven't set foot in one in years.