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Feb 20, 2014 12:13 AM

Best macaron spot?

Tried La Duree over the summer and have been craving an LA substitute ever since? Suggestions? (Please don't tell me Bottega Louie is the best LA has)

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  1. Give Frances in Little Tokyo a try.

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    1. re: JAB

      Did not care for Frances; their pistachio left a lot to be desired.

      Related: Anyone in LA selling ganache macarons?

    2. I prefer Lette macarons over Bottega Louie and Little Next Door makes good macarons as well, they have a similar macaron to Pierre Herme's hazelnut truffle

      1. I agree that Lette is your best bet...but find them a little too soft...Little Next Door used to be pretty good but the last couple of times I had one of their macarons I was disappointed.

        I am fortunate to be able to "commute" to Paris on a regular basis and bring home Pierre Herme and Ladurée frequently. I was told in Paris that Ladurée is looking for a location in SoCal (Third Street was mentioned) to open a store in the next year or so...I am keeping my fingers crossed! They are opening a location in Miami this year to add to their New York locations.

        A related rumour I heard in Paris is that La Maison du Chocolat is looking for a location in Beverly Hills that can accommodate a retail location as well as a bakery...which for macaron lovers is a good thing as their chocolate macarons are excellent! Once again, fingers crossed!

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        1. re: TravelPath

          wow that is exciting! fingers crossed! i thot i was lucky to have a friend with the same "commute" :) jealous!

          hard to compare with parisian patisseries but glad to hear another vouch for lette

          1. re: TravelPath

            Keeping my fingers crossed for Laduree!!!

            Folks at Pierre Herme if you are reading this, perfect time to setup one of those little stands at Saks as they contemplate renovations. Would be a total coup beating Laduree to the punch.

              1. re: J.L.

                I'm in the PH camp after several shootouts over the years.

                I will gladly take either in LA!.

                1. re: J.L.

                  Agree, also spruengli. Are there any places in LA could get either of them?

              2. re: TravelPath

                Either of those would be unreal. If Laduree made it to LA I'd spend more money there than on meals.

                1. re: set0312

                  I am afraid to look how much I spend at Ladurée every year...but it is worth it! I hope that when they open (positive thinking!) that it includes a tea shop that serves the Omlette
                  Laduré of my favorite things ever! (especially their black truffle omelette)

              3. I had some from the cafe at Surfas and really liked them!

                1. Frances Bakery (Little Tokyo).