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Feb 19, 2014 09:09 PM

Culver City Metro Line

I'd really like to find a place in Culver City that can accomodate 10-20 of us, within walking distance of the Metro Line. Last time we went to Rush Street, but it would be nice to find someplace new.

Alternatively, another location Westside-ish that is also walking distance of any train is good. Less than 20 pp, not including liquor would be good. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Along Expo basically it's Culver City And DTLA for eating destinations. Unfortunately the Baldwin Hills Mall isn't closer to the Expo line or I would suggest Post and Beam. Also pretty soon Jaime and Ramiro [of La Cacita fame] will be opening a new place there as well.

    For your group size and price point, I might try WildCraft Sourdough Pizza. Mozza it's not but it might fit the bill. I've been there with large group of coworkers. Since the space is narrow, you'll be sitting at a long table.

    East Borough might work. Its the new Viet Place in Culver city the food is good and has interesting cocktails. the biggest complaint is people are not used to paying $12 for Banh Mi. if you have the 20 you say you could, your group might fill the place.

    If you want more small bites and mind less about the food the Culver Hotel might be worth looking into.

    1. There's also The Lab and Bacaro near 23rd St Station, various chain-type places near Pico Station (including The Palm but that's above your price range).

      Other good Culver City places include City Tavern (they also just opened one at 7th/ Fig), which us relatively quiet with good food, great beer and long tables. And Public House and Rocco's might fit the bill as well.

      1. A new Italian place, EnjoEat, just opened a block south of the Culver Hotel. Six of us went last Fri for lunch, and we had pizzas and pastas. Smiles all around, despite the lame name and no website. Same owners as Eatalian, which has gotten some love here. Thin-crust pizzas are in 2 groups: the usual suspects, and the more expensive house specials that are not changeable. Wildcraft was also good, and Public School took 15 of us for lunch once with no problem. But call any of them for a res.

        EnjoEat Classico
        3912 Van Buren Place
        Culver City

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          YAY! SO happy to hear they are open! I've been anxiously waiting for them... Hmmm!! :)


          1. re: Dommy

            I tried EnjoEat's simple pizza. Very good. Thin crust slightly charred. Pretty extensive menu. Looking forward to return at dinner and try some of their pasta / fish or meat dishes. At lunch time, the plates coming out of the kitchen looked very appetizing. A bit off the main street.

        2. Thanks to all. If none of these work, we are probably too fussy and should stay home.

          1. I wonder if EnjoEat would be a good place for an "enjo-kosai" date.