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Feb 19, 2014 08:43 PM

Storage of Enameled Cast Iron (Staub)

The after Christmas sale of the Emerald color Staub pieces in-store at Williams Sonoma was so insanely good that I had to indulge in some much longed- for pieces. Can I store the frying pan inside the grill pan, as shown? I placed a paper towel between them to provide some shielding but know not whether it's necessary or shouldn't be done in the first place.
Also, I just scored an Enclume-like wrought iron rack via Craigalist to help store pots and pans. As long as I don't drag the ECI pieces on the iron shelves is it okay to store the pieces this way? I just want to make sure I'm not damaging my new treasures. I must say that ECI has inspired me to try seriously cooking and I couldn't be more happy with my endeavor. Thanks!

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  1. It's not very pretty, but I store my stacked gentle surfaces cookware in old pillow cases.

    In your case, if I were to stack them, I would use a folded dish towel for a bit more protection, so you can completely wrap it around the sides of the fry pan.

    1. First, lift your pans and DO NOT DRAG them across counters, grates, etc. to avoid wearing the enamel finish.

      For stacking, use a thick kitchen towel or thick pot holders to protect the finish. Heavy cast iron pots laid on top of each other will put a lot of pressure on the finish where each pan 'edge' presses/slides against the enamel surface it contacts.

      1. Agree that something should probably be between pieces for protection. How about that "shelf liner" stuff that comes in a roll... spongey, waffly stuff.

        1. While it is important to store it properly - and some kitchen towels will do the trick in stacking just remember that your new ECI while pretty are also tools. With use they will show wear and this is OK. The more you use them to make tasty food the less you will worry about their perfection - well used and loved cooking equipment is the best kind. Enjoy your new pans!

          1. I got something like these as a gift along with my staub stuff. (mine are a little more industrial looking.). They're nice.