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Sep 8, 2000 10:44 PM

La Chronique

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Dinner last weekend was nearly perfect..veal chop exceedingly tender..trio of creme brulee for dessert was (possibly) the most delicious experience of the entire meal.....also very pleased with the wine list and enjoyed a wonderful 1996 Chinon.

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  1. Christine, thanks for the "tasting notes". We live in NY, but travel to Montreal regularly for a number of reasons, Toque being one of them. La Chronique just hit my radar screen, and we're set for a La Chronique/Toque weekend in December.

    Thanks again.

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      WMA - have a wonderful time in Montreal and do post about your experiences at Toque and La Chronique! I'd be interested to hear about any menu changes or additions.

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        La Chronique has probably been one of the best meals I've ever had. Next to Veritas in NYC. There is a tasting menu, paired with wines, and the pairings are excellent, and ocasionally unique. Kinda pricey though. Too bad they aren't open for lunch anymore.