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Feb 19, 2014 05:36 PM

Baltimore Puerto 511

Has anyone eaten here. It's a Peruvian restaurant near the central Pratt library. It sounds good.

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  1. The menu reads well, and yelp reports look promising. We will be going in near future. Any recent experience?

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    1. re: Kurtis

      I had dinner there on a Friday night about three weeks ago. The space is very small but nice. The owners are very friendly and work hard to please. I suggest a reservation as they were turning away potential diners the night I was there. The food was very good and well presented. We had cerviche, skewered calve hearts and a creamy seafood and cheese stew. I particularly recommend the hearts as this seemed most unique. I would recommend any of these dishes but look forward to further exploring the menu. I almost forgot, save rook for desert.

      1. re: jfish

        Yeah, the anticucho (skewered hearts) is delish street food commonly found on the roadside in Peru. Glad to hear that it's good.

        Of all the items on the menu, I am most interested in their ceviche which I have not found a good version locally. Thanks for the report.

    2. Our recent visit here was a winner: passionate chef here makes some of the best ceviche I had in a very long while. His style is bit on a refined side (vs more rustic/market style I am used to eating in Lima) but flavors are all there and brought back many memories. Both tiradito (dont see this version very often outside of Peru so was very glad to find) and clasico versions are great, and very fresh fish that is handled with great care.

      We were a group of 5 and so got to taste most of what is on the menu, and all of it was quite good including the desert and the purple corn drink. This is a very small BYOB and Chef/family own & operated place, so do understand and expect some service delays and rsv difficulties, but they are attentive and very eager to please and welcomes your visit to the kitchen if you ask.