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Feb 19, 2014 05:23 PM

Pennypackers in Magoun Square,

I passed by this place on the bus the other night, so no time to investigate. Has anyone been, either to the brick-and-mortar location or eaten from their trucks? Some of the offerings on the Facebook page sound great (flank steak, arugula, fig jam and marrow vinagrette caught my eye).

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    1. re: silent129

      I agree. Have had it from the truck and I think at the Cambridge Winter Farmers Market last year. A bit heavy for a workday, but a nice weekend indulgence, juicy and flavorful.

    2. I have! I had a… cauliflower sandwich, I think, which I found meaty and delicious, and which I'd been meaning to write up for a few weeks.

      It was all vegetables, maybe some kale and raisins, cauliflower, no cheese. Sounds bland, but it had enough oil to carry a lot of flavor.

      Man, I can't remember enough to give decent detail. I'll have to have another.

      *Magoun, not Magoon

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      1. re: enhF94

        Magoun. Mea culpa.

        Thank you for the description--that sounds wonderful. Truth be told, I know the porchetta is the house specialty but I'm not a huge pork fan--I'll be sure to try a bite of my partner's sandwich though, because he will totally go for that.

      2. The porchetta sandwich has been great every time I've had it. I wish they were open a little later since it makes a great dinner but getting there by 7 is tricky for me.

        The flank steak was more like roast beef and not quite what I was in the mood for, but we've enjoyed the roast lamb when they've had it. Haven't made it to the veggie options yet but I like that they sound as carefully put together as the meaty ones.

        1. ness, did you see the Globe write up? After reading it, I am wanting to try their grilled eggplant,haloumi, muharramah (sp.)pickled onions sdwch!

          i tried to link it but couldn't;sorry.

          1. Turns out they change their menu every day, so when we dropped in for a late lunch, we found that that alluring eggplnt sdwch was not on the menu today phooey. But MyLove had the rich and filling porchetta sdwch w/ apricot mostarda $8-(they were out of their pickled fennel)on Iggy's ciabatta, and i had the Taco Tuesday tacos- smoked brisket with cotija cheese, chimichurri, and red onion, and sauteed portabella and oyster mushrooms with same toppings, on griddled corn tortillas (per my request). VERY generous fillings w/ lotsa flavah,$3.50@, though i added sriracha because i missed my chipotle sour cream.

            Had a really fun exchange with chef Heath, a born-and-raised-Texas boy from corpus christi who, gasp, loves it up here and plans to stay! we concurred on the excellence of sweet cheeks' biscuits and okra ( and bbq- for him) and he completely dissed redbones except for the iced tea in the jar. i told him about the sturbridge bbq place but i couldn't remember its name, and he said he heard there was a place near Framingham where some Texas Hill Country people have a bbq place...... Chicken fried steak- he also bemoans its MIA status in boston, and was very specific about how the gravy had to be- that he'd never found up here.

            Pennypacker's posts their daily menu on Facebook and if you're wanting a specific sdwch, you might want to call to assure they're not sold out. Today the menu had only 3 sdwch types, 2 salads, a soup and 2 tacos (Taco Tuesday for them). pretty close to us so we're looking forward to returning.

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            1. re: opinionatedchef

              I am very curious about the BBQ place near Framingham - any ideas on the name?

              1. re: nsenada

                no n, maybe heath had it written down at home or something; apparently he hadn't gone there yet. i'll ask him if/when they do that eggplant sandwich; otherwise you could call and ask him. i bet you could also tell him all about that sturbridge place. ( Late afternoons are their slow time i think.)

                1. re: opinionatedchef

                  The place in Sturbridge is BT's Smokehouse ( Google searching suggests as a possibility for the near-Framingham BBQ place run by Texas Hill Country folks a place called Texas BBQ Company in Northborough. The restaurant's own website is "under construction," but the review on ( sounds promising.

                  1. re: owades

                    Interesting - I may have to trek to Northborough.