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Feb 19, 2014 04:38 PM

Short Trip - "Lazy Weekend" of Mardi Gras

Coming to New Orleans for the Mardi Gras "lazy weekend." Arriving on Friday, but late in the afternoon - and my partner wants to just get poboys and watch the parades (hotel is on the parade route on St. Charles). That leaves Saturday and Sunday:

So far, I've booked:

Lunch: Cochon
Dinner: Luke


Brunch: La Petite Grocery

Dinner: Emeril Delmonico (Is this worth it? One plus is that it's very close to our hotel.)

I'm open to all suggestions - changes or deletions.

I thought it would be best to stay away from the Quarter - both because of the crowds, and also because I found it amazingly disappointing during my last trip.

For reference, restaurants I have loved in the past: Atchafalaya, Boucherie, Upperline, Bayona

I'd consider revisiting one I've been to before, but would rather explore new ones.

I've heard August praised to the skies, as well as Stella -- also have heard good things about Coquette.

Any thoughts? All are welcome. Thanks!

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  1. What exactly is the lazy weekend of Mardi Gras?

    1. It's this coming weekend. I was told that was a term for it --- maybe I'm wrong. I was told they call it that because it's not as crazy as the following weekend closer to Mardi Gras.

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        Interesting, I've never heard that and I was born and raised there and lived there 40 years.

      2. Swap Luke with Coquette and you'll be set. I'd tout you off of Delmonico and replace it with Emeril's in the Warehouse District if you haven't been, just so you can try the original. Nothing wrong with Delmonico, just my 2 cents. Have fun!

        1. Instead of doing a full meal, we usually go to Luke for happy hour - 1/2 price beer, wine, and bubbly, and 50 cent oysters, even on the weekends. Your hotel may be close enough to walk to The Columns, which would also be a great place to go for drinks one day. During the parades, I like to get a go cup margarita from Superior (also maybe walking distance) - they provide an excellent pick me up.

          We're visiting this weekend, too, and chose the "lazy" weekend deliberately because we'll be visiting with our 3 month old. Make sure to check the parade schedule and routes and leave plenty of time to get from A to B and map your route in advance if you'll be driving, because many streets will be closed and the streetcars are running on a very limited schedule.

          1. You have a good list. You might include Delmonicos as it is in its roots a classic old N.O. restaurant. However, it is the most expensive of the 3 Emeril's places and I'm not sure the cost equals the product (although the food is good). For me it is an expense account restaurant.

            If you want something a little more downscale in your neighborhood consider Irish House. Not fine dining but very good pub food.