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passover programs 2014

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I would like feedback from anyone who went last year to the diamond club passover vacation program in puerto rico? How was the hotel, the food, the crowd? thanks!

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  1. The hotel is absolutely gorgeous, the food was incredible and impressive, the service was okay for a first year program. The hotel is also located 10 minutes from the famous rain forest and on a beautiful beach. Ive been to many programs and this one was definitely special. My family and I had a really good time. The chef is also incredible, we were excited at each meat meal just to imagine the next. There beach bbq was top notch. I heard this year they are investing a lot in the service and the program. My family and I will be going back. The crowd is a mix of people from all over the world, which made it intreating, theres a sephardy and ashkenaz minyan.

    1. Waldorf Orlando Grand Getaways!!