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Feb 19, 2014 02:35 PM

Bocadillos NM

I saw this place as a feature on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. I was intrigued and although it isn't quite on my way - anywhere- I decided to give it a test run today.

The pics don't do justice. Amazing sandwiches! The corned beef on the Reuben rivals Katz's deli in NYC. And my TaN - WOW. Turkey, juicy roasted like you only wished your Thanksgiving turkey tasted and topped with cheese all ooey gooey melted and a Green Chile apple chutney that would bring grown men to their knees., oh my! Lots of perfectly ripe avocado, lettuce and tomato.

It takes a bit to find this place but once you do, you won't need a GPS to get here! On Indian School NW - just west of 12th Street where Menaul extension ends at the round about. Next to Lottaburger and Allsup.

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  1. They started serving breakfast today. Saturdays from 8 -10:30 and then they swing to lunch from 11 tll 2:30

    1. So glad to hear the food at this place is really THAT good. I've been meaning to try Bocadillos for a while but haven't yet. I saw the DD&D episode too, and it made me want to go all the more. What a terrific lady that owner seems to be. Thanks for the post and the pics!

      1. Thanks for the reminder! We tried Bocadillos maybe six months ago, and thought it was great. Very tasty meat, like you said, both the corned beef and the turkey. As a whole, the meat, condiments, and bread made a well-balanced sandwich. Very ample portions, too. We both saved half for the next day. If I recall correctly, I wasn't quite as thrilled with the macaroni salad. I'll have to find out what they serve for breakfast. If you have the Entertainment book, there's a coupon for, I think, buy one get one free.