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Aug 25, 2000 10:39 AM

If you don't mind - 2 (ok, 3) more questions - thank you.

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There are 2 restaurants we know we want to try when in montreal - L'Eau a la Bouche & Toque - i'm wondering if men need jackets in either of these or is it dressy casual?

now, this is not food related, but may i ask if anyone knows about the marriott courtyard montreal on sherbrooke st? is it in a good location (i.e. close to shopping, restauransts, etc)? many thanks. merci.

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  1. Marriott's Courtyard Montreal used to be La Citadelle (until 1997)

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      Steve Drucker

      taxi's are reasonable and plentiful in montreal, and the subway and buses are good; so I wouldn't worry too much about hotel location.

      the courtyard is on a non-descript stretch of Sherbrooke, 10-15 minute walking distance to The Latin Quarter, Old Montreal, 5 minutes from The Main, maybe 10-15 minutes walk from the heart of downtown shopping.

      We have stayed twice at Hotel du Parc (, a recovering 70's vintage business class hotel slightly removed from downtown and a ten minutes walk from Schwartz's. It has underground parking--crucial when its cold. We visited twice during low winter season, so the rates for the exec level were outstanding. Though not a one-to-one analogy, the neighborhood is sort of like the upper West Side. You may want to put it on your back-up list.

      Please report back your findings on Italian and middle east restaurants. Even with our two visits, we were unable to hit all the places we wanted to--but my wife did get an utterly fantastic fur hat, which she faithfully schleps from Atlanta in the winter whenever we head to the far north.

      After seeing your subsequent posts, I think you indeed will enjoy Casa Cacciatore.

      By the way, the local pronunciation of Jean Talon is something along the lines of "Zand alone".

      1. My husband and I have dined here a few times and the food is really wonderful. If you go, you must try the warm foie gras, it melts in your mouth! Definitely make advance reservations. It is "nice/casual"; we've gone on Saturday evenings and seen men in suits but also a few in polo shirts and khakis. Maybe not "the best" restaurant in the city, but definitely in the top 3.

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