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Feb 19, 2014 01:50 PM

12 person post wedding dinner

Need suggestions for a dinner spot right after our afternoon wedding taking place on 12/13/14. Here are all the details.

Sit down dinner, 2.5 hours in the space at minimum, would not need more than 3.5 hours. Budget is max $130pp all inclusive. Basic beverages would need to be included, but alcohol is not at all important. We would prefer to bring in a few bottles of champagne and just pay a cork fee. Also need to bring in our own cake and have that served.

Atmosphere is really important to us. Looking for a diy, not too modern, warm, elegant space that will make us feel special. Haven's Kitchen would be perfect, but it is out of our price range. Private room strongly preferred. Want to add a few paper garlands, very minimal flowers, and some tealights to the room.

Food wise we have two vegetarians (including me) and the rest are meat loving fools. Asian would be our first choice, but we can't seem to find a restaurant that comes even close to our vibe. Italian just feels too traditional. Not lovers of Indian. A large table that we can all sit around is vital to us all enjoying ourselves. Family style dining is fine.

Guest list could bump to either 10 or 14 if necessary to score the right place.

Any ideas are welcome!! Thank you!

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  1. Where is the wedding? How about Zenkichi in Williamsburg?

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    1. re: chompchomp

      It is going to be a super quick guerrilla style ceremony on the Highline. of course we would prefer not to travel outside of that area, but for the right place we can drive to anywhere in Queens/Brooklyn that is within 20 minutes of the city.

      Sorry, should have mentioned that. I have a thread up on the Manhattan board, but mentioned willingness to drive to BQ, because we'll be driving to the Highline also.


    2. For openers, you'll get a much better response without calling meat eaters "meat loving fools."

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      1. re: Sluggo1407

        i took that to mean "carnivores, and dedicated ones" more than disparaging omnivorous diets.

        1. re: Sluggo1407

          Seriously? It was a lighthearted comment said with love about my own fiance and family. Did you have a restaurant suggestion?

        2. What about Prime Meats? I dont know about private rooms (and their group dining site mentions groups of 6-8). but the rate, $95/head is within your budget - it doesnt include drinks but that and tip i guess would get you up to your total number.

          its a really nice room, and they do a good job with veggies too (not sure if you and the other vegetarian do fish - i dont agree with the definition of vegetarian that includes fish eating but its common enough to warrant asking).

          If you dont mind paying the tunnel-fee google maps shows it as a 10 min drive in current traffic conditions.

          it doesnt check all your boxes, but its got a great atmosphere, excellent food and fits your price range. if you havent been it might be worth checking out to see if it suits you.

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          1. re: tex.s.toast

            curious, is Prime Meats quiet enough that people at a large table could talk?

            1. re: jen kalb

              for an early dinner id say certainly - it may be more family-friendly than ideal at that hour (given the neighborhood) but i had assuemd this would be an early meal due to the "right after our afternoon wedding"