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Tim Hortons new pretzel bagel

Just tried one of the new pretzel bagels and was amazed how good it was. Very fresh with crunchy on the crust and very soft inside..hope these stay on the menu

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  1. I noticed it yesterday too. The lady told me the toping was SUGAR and not salt? Is that true??

    Otherwise, I would have tried it.

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      No, it was salt...Tim hortons staff often drive me crazy..but that's another thread entirely .

    2. Wow! Sounds great! Will have to try one on the weekend.

      1. I'm glad to hear some good news about Tim Horten's product line. I'm not a TH fan generally but I do like to cheer on any Canadian brand to be successful.

        I'm hoping TH sees positive sales from this little item which may help them rethink their strategy. The whole 'sell everything including a novelty expensive ice cream in a frigid country' doesn't work. They should figure out what they want to be good at (bread products?), do it really well, and be unapologetic about what they won't sell or be bad at. They lost my business when they decided to be mediocre at everything. My dutchie timbit nostalgia is crying since they're d/cing it but I'll be ok with it as long as they get good at something else.

        Not to toot my own horn but I just made bagels this week and it was the best tasting bagel ever. I made a post in another CH thread... the artisan master bakers were right, nothing beats a home made bagel today. Bagels (especially in stores) are no where close to home made. I should buy this bagel to compare on what's good in the stores.

        I posted pictures of my bagels in the link below

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          Go ahead end toot Nevy! Nothing wrong with being proud of your accomplishments :)

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            I dunno, I think they lost the plot when they stopped baking anything in-house, with absolutely everything (AFAIK) coming in frozen. I would be happier if they still had larger locations baking/frying, then those locations provided stuff to the smaller subway & food court-type places, for example. But the whole model is bad now and I don't know that they can recover for my tastes. But yeah, ice cream was just a stupid move.

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              Unfortunately, I agree wholeheartedly...with the exception of the bagels. But those are brought in too.

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                And I'd actually be fine with all other baking coming in, if they were still frying the donuts, or say even 6 flavours of donuts! My friend worked there in high school, ok 20 years ago - they made the donuts fresh every 6 hours. She brought home a lot of donuts deemed "old" that were fresher than what they serve today.

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                  I remember when they'd make 'casualty' donuts for quality control purposes and us "kids" get some too! I cant remember when the last time I saw an in house made Tim Hortens donut.

          2. On second thought, maybe it would be best if they were limited time! I've had so many..bad for my carb intake:) I always wished we had pretzel stands like in NY, but these are better

            1. I love love love the pretzel bagel.

              Everyone that i know seem to love them as well.

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                1. It can't possibly be a bagel. A bagel isn't bread with a hole. To be a bagel, it has to be boiled before baking. I don't see how it would be possible to make a pretzel exterior after boiling. Unless there is some secret.

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                    You do realize that pretzels are also boiled before baking?
                    I'm guessing not.

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                      A quick Google search provided me with a pretzel recipe that required boiling before baking so....

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                        Tim Hortons and Dempsters have reinvented the bagel. It is widely accepted that a bagel no longer needs to be boiled to be a bagel. It can be a bun with a hole in the middle. Some are better than others and clearly many CHers found that Tims makes some very good ones.

                        1. re: justsayn

                          This is nonsense. They haven't re-invented anything. They have corrupted the meaning of a word in order to deceive the buyer into believing that that they are getting something that they are not. It may be widely believed by ignorant people, but that doesn't make it true any more than the the once common belief that the world is flat.

                          As far as pretzels being boiled, I was unaware of that. It still remains to be shown whether TH boils their bagels. If they do, I stand corrected. But given the amount of sleazy marketing deception that surrounds bagels, I am dubious until proof is provided.

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                            Hey I'm with you on this. I'm just telling you how it has played out in real life.

                            No they don't boil their bagels and to be honest if they tasted like a real bagel I wouldn't care if they boiled it or not...But they don't taste like real bagels so what difference does it make.

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                              evansl is would consider themself a bagel purist and that's fine.

                              Me.... I just think as long as it tastes good who gives a sh!t what it's called.

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                                "as long as it tastes good who gives a sh!t what it's called"

                                I'm going to get that stitched on a pillow

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                                  It's what I think! I know not everyone agrees, so that's cool.

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                                    The bagels are acceptable industrial food-stuff. If that's the kind of product you want to stand up for then more power to you. But surely you can appreciate why somebody would say that they're pure shit.

                                    1. re: frogsteak

                                      Of course I can.

                                      I'm not saying I'm right or wrong or that you're right or wrong. We all have our own thoughts.

                                      I happen to like them! You don't. So, ok....

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                                Whoa, I'm not sure of the deception scandals involving bagels, but lighten up! It's a bagel! Or a bun..whatever! It's good..eat it:) life is short!

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                              Ummm pretzels are boiled. Either with a lye solution or boiling water and baking soda.

                            3. Finally lucked into a pretzel bagel. They were fully stocked up.

                              I had mine plain not toasted. Good amount of rock salt that managed to stay on. Great exterior crust and pretzly taste. Very impressed with the flavour. Proper pretzel flavour! The inside was more fluffy than a real pretzel which I suppose is where the bagel hybrid comes in. That being said it did still have some decent chew within. I agree it's a great product for what it is. Definitely the best thing I've had at Tim Hortons for a very, very long time!

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                                I finally had a moment of weakness and wandered into TH for a pretzel bagel and steeped tea. Quite tasty even without a lot of salt adhering to mine. I'm no Timmy's fan but this will do just fine on those occasions I find myself there with family etc, or for a cheap workday lunch. You could do a lot worse.