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Feb 19, 2014 01:20 PM

Opinions needed please

Two partying foodies looking for some recommendations/opinions on your plans so far:

Dinners Booked - GW Fins, Peche & NOLA

Lunch Booked - Bourbon House

1. Please recommend another two lunch spots.
2. Recommend a great spot for oysters & champagne.
3. Happy Hour location great food/drinks.
4. Really fun brunch spot with live music, nothing stuffy or fine dining.

Basically we are looking for a really cool vibe with party atmosphere and exceptional food. Price is not an option. We are first timers so if there is anything in the New Orleans experience we are missing let me know.


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  1. Try Luke on St Charles Ave for oysters & bubbly. I'm pretty sure they also offer them during their Happy Hour. I would switch NOLA for Emeril's in the Warehouse District for dinner one evening (just my opinion). Do lunch one day at the Napoleon House on Chartres St & settle back with a Pimm's Cup. Go to Mr B's Bistro on Royal St for lunch-their BBQ shrimp is delicious & they also have a nice Sunday Jazz Brunch!
    Have a great time!

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    1. re: NJlovesNOLA

      For the atmosphere they are looking for I think they are better at NOLA over Emeril's. As for the food they may want to choose by menu. I'm just drawn to more things at NOLA, particularly some of the specials, than at E's.

    2. Lunch:

      If it's a Friday, try to get into Galatoire's for "Friday lunch"; talk about a party atmosphere . . . it's "old school," but definitely a party! Otherwise, I second the suggestion of Napoleon House.

      Also, check out SoBou -- great drinks & food, for lunch or for happy hour. Same for Domenica.

      For oysters & Champagne, Lüke would have been my first choice, too. Borgne is also a good option. Most places that have great oysters are rather light in the Bubbles Dept.; not so for Lüke and Borgne.

      For a Jazz brunch, Mr. B's will definitely work; so, too, will Commander's Palace -- which *might* seem a tad stuffy upon first glance, but it's really not . . .