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Restaurants/Food that were only in NY and now in LA

Hey all, I recently came back from New York and loved the food there. I have been scrambling to find some formerly "New York" or "East Coast" only restaurants/foods that are located in (or near) the great city of Angels! Mind you, I'm not looking for exact parallels (i.e. there obviously won't be a 53rd/6th halal cart in L.A. as far as I know), but something very very close. Here are some of my finds:

1) Grimaldi's Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria (El Segundo)
2) Chicken and Rice (Holywood). Not 53rd/6th, but we have chicken and rice now!
3) Rita's (Santa Monica)
4) cronuts (various locations in L.A.)

I would like to add to this list!

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    1. re: JAB

      Vegas skews that up...but then again it does the same thing to Grimaldi's (along with Arizona + all the other states it's in).

    2. Langer's Deli LA = Katz's Deli NYC

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      1. The ramen burger? Didn't it start in NY?

          1. you can get banana pudding from LA location of Magnolia Bakery

            I keep hearing rumors of Eatly coming to LA but nothign concrete yet

            like the cronuts from Frances the best

              1. Manhattan Specials found at Bevmo.

                1. Amazingly, you can get real bialys here:


                  1. Burrata. Lots of places in NYC make it, the best shops import it. Gioia's burrata is worth seeking out.

                      1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                        The Hollywood location of Papaya King is (thankfully) closed

                      2. Not NYC specific but I remember the days (not so long ago) when all of my trips to New York included a stop at Pearl Oyster Bar for the closest I could find to a real lobster roll. Now there's about 10 places I can go to in LA.