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Feb 19, 2014 12:25 PM

My choices...opinions?

Visiting NOLA...there are 4 of us, one who is adverse to shellfish of any kind. Non allergic, just dislikes. Here are my choices hoping to have an eclectic group of meals...

Commanders Palace
Atchafalaya (for brunch...I'm a sucker for a Bloody Mary bar!)
Brigtsen's (last visit to NOLA was 10 years ago and it was on my list then and missed it!)

We also plan to hit Cafe du Monde and somewhere for drinks and oysters (recommendations welcome!).

Any suggestions for replacements?

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  1. If you love Bloody Mary bars, then Atchafalaya is the place for you. So fresh, and the abundance of toppings! They have a green tomato juice that you must try. Food at brunch is tasty, too, and our service was more than adequate. We really liked it.

    We loved our lunch at Commander's Palace, too. it is quite possible to have a deliciously memorable lunch there and not break the bank. Jeff our server was fabulous.

    Brigtsen's was our first dinner in New Orleans, so I'll always have especially fond memories of it. I love the quaint homey atmosphere, service was spot on, and the food sublime. I would always recommend Brigtsen's to anyone...and right across the street is another of our favorites, Dante's Kitchen.

    Have not been to herbsaint or sylvain, but hope to remedy that on future trips! So many wonderful restaurants to dine and love in New Orleans!

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      Thanks...can't wait! Atchafalaya definitely staying on my list now!

    2. Try to do Commander's for a weekday lunch -- 25¢ Martinis are an added benefit.

      Herbsaint is great! So, too, Brigtsen's. And I know you'll enjoy Atchafalaya. Haven't been to Sylvain.

      Great cocktails (and food) at SoBou, and Arnaud's French 75 (minus the food). If your taste is more for bubbles with your oysters, try Luke, Pêche, or Borgne.

      Personally, I love having dinner at Patois, and if the weather is nice, try having lunch or dinner outside at Bayona.

      Be sure to hit Café du Monde either in the afternoon or late night; not for breakfast.

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      1. re: zin1953

        Oh wow! 25 cent martins?! Might have to alter plans!

        1. re: zin1953

          "Be sure to hit Café du Monde either in the afternoon or late night; not for breakfast."

          I've seen this sort of advice here before and although I {think} understand the reasoning I totally disagree. To me Beignets and coffee is the perfect breakfast in a town like NOLA. I come to NOLA with the same plan as going to Italy. Light breakfast - Croissant and coffee in the morning, big lunch early, or two, and a nice dinner. I don't know how you can do that with a full breakfast. Unless there's some egg magic going on somewhere that we cant get in NYC, its the lunches and dinners I'm excited about. And I want to come hungry to those.

          1. re: Ziggy41

            I generally give that advice because CdM just isn't worth waiting in line for and there always seem to be lines when I go by in the morning. I agree with you about having too big a breakfast, though Surry's hash is better than most lunches.

            I can't, of course, speak for Zin.