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Feb 19, 2014 11:55 AM

sausage tailgate for veggie and meat heads

Planning an office parking lot tailgate as an appetizer to office dive bar crawl and am tasked with coming up with mouth watering sausage options for meat heads(like myself) and my skinny vegetarian counter parts. We are a stone's throw from Continental Sausage in Glendale and will most likely be getting something meaty from them(please feel free to suggest must have wursts, are they all precooked?) but I am wondering where and what to get to satisfy the veg heads. Research on the board seems to point towards Trader Joe's vegetarian Italian Sausage and Field Roast's line, but wanted to throw the query out in case a local option should surface.

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  1. not an answer to your question, but the closest i've tasted to edible vegetarian sausage is the stuff they serve at wurstkuche, a restaurant, not a grocery/butcher store.

    imho, the closest thing to edible vegetarian sausage from a grocery store would be Soyrizo (NOT the trader joe's knock off), but the soyrizo doesn't hold together and is too greasy to be served in a bun. the trader joe's knock off is some kind of lousy unidentifiable compressed stuff.

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      Wurstkuche does sell their sausages uncooked at a slight discount at both The Venice and Downtown LA locations
      Right now they carry three different kinds Vegetarian Italian, Vegetarian Mexican Chiplotle, and Vegetarian Smoked Sage Apple.

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        ALL of those variations, imho, are FAR superior to any vegetarian sausage i can find in a grocery store.

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          Agree that Wurstkuche would be best and getting those would be going above and beyond. If those vegetarians are anything like me they've had the TJ's sausages tons of times, to get them something different I'd look for the Artisan line of Tofurky sausages. There's Spinach Pesto, Chick'N and Apple, etc. I've seen them at Vons I believe.