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Feb 19, 2014 11:36 AM

'Skyview Fusion Chinese' - Sorry folks! Another relatively new kid on the block. This one could be the best 'early-bird' Dim Sum in the GTA?!

It was only two days ago that I had a surprisingly enjoyable and delicious Dim Sum lunch at 'Penglais Fairyland' in Richmond Hill. Today, I was again invited to have Dim Sum lunch. This time at 'Skyview Fusion' on Woodbine/Hwy #7, next to Costco. This is amongst one of a bunch of 'new or renovated' Chinese restaurants that has recently sprung up all around the Richmond Hill / Markham area. Sky Dragon, Paramount, Richlane, Dragon name a few!

Settling down and placing our order before 11.00am, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we are eligible for the $2.90 Earl-Bird Special!! Cool!!! Unlike a lot of their fellow competitors boasting pseudo-modern and fancy offerings, Skyview's Dim Sum menu was small and compact focusing mainly on traditional fare. Sometimes, quality is better than quantity! I hope this was the case.

Our party of three selected the following:

- Freshly baked BBQ pork buns
- Har Gow shrimp dumplings
- Siu Mai pork and shrimp dumpling
- Steamed pork spareribs with chili garlic black bean sauce
- Fried Dace fish balls with salted fermented clam sauce
- Deep fried shrimp rolls with bean curd skin wrappers, Worcestershire
sauce dip.
- Steamed Prawns and Cilantro rice roll.
- Mango, Pomelo and Sago pudding dessert

First impression was that our portions were extremely generous in size. If the taste was good, then at $2.90 each, they could be a steal! We were all keeping our fingers crossed!

First to test our taste buds was the pipping hot BBQ pork bun. Staring down at the big size, I was skeptical as to how much filling they put in there! Wow! not only was the slightly sweet bun fluffy, light and hot, it was 'heavy' and oozing with delicious filling! Taste-wise?! Was I eating a clone of Hong Kong's Michelin 1* Tim Ho Won's product?! It was mighty close!

One by one, our dishes surprised us!

I thought the Har Gow of Penglais, which I just tasted two days ago was good, however, Skyview's version easily trumped that! Not only was the skin wrapper even thinner and equally chewy, the generous, lovely and juicy prawn filling has just the right amount minced bamboo shoot to augment it! What a delight to eat.! Same accolade can be given to the crunchy prawns, aromatic and thin wrapper skin rice roll, the juicy Siu Mai, the super bouncy and light, fried Dace balls with a light bread crumb coating....etc. The only minor miss was the slightly under-seasoned pork spare ribs. One narrow miss out of 8?!! Not bad! Not bad at all!! At $2.90 per dish, I am not complaining!!

After trying over 7 new Dim Sum places plus some other old stalwarts like Yang's and Casa's within the past few months, I have come to the conclusion that for value and taste, 'Skyview's offering easily beats the rest hands down!! For those of you 'early bird' seekers, this is YOUR place!!!

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  1. I will be going. You can can count on that.

    1. Thanks for the review - were the pork buns from the menu, or a special item they offered?

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      1. Thanks for the review! If only I was in the neighbourhood, this would be great. Even better would be the offering of freshly made ginger soft tofu and molten custard salted egg buns!

        1. The only Chinese food I really like is Mandarin and Asian Legend but I must say how much I love reading Charles' reviews. He is the best!

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          1. re: barneyvernon

            Thank you barneyvernon! You're so kind! Just spreading the words, be it good or bad?!!
            May be one day you should head up to our neck of the wood and try out some really good Cantonese food and Dim Sums!

          2. Do you know what their non-early bird prices are like? Thanks!

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