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Feb 19, 2014 11:35 AM

maude restaurant - february tasting: citrus

Had the pleasure of experiencing the February tasting of citrus fruits at Chef Curtis Stone's new restaurant, Maude.

The restaurant itself is off Beverly Dr with just a "M" on the door to mark its location. Cozy interior with a few tables and bar seating to view the kitchen. Plates and utensils were very pretty with classic ornate designs.

Nine course tasting highlighted a variety of citrus fruits, adding in a dimension of pleasant brightness to all the dishes while avoiding becoming too acidic or astringent.

Each course was meticulously assembled by the chefs and had a perfect ratio of components so that they all melded harmoniously without one ingredient outshining the rest. Great attention to detail. On one occasion a microgreen fell off the top of the presentation, the waiter promptly returned the dish to have the chef reassemble.

Tasting Menu:
Lime Sorbet
Oysters & Caviar
Onion Bhaji
Crispy Mussel
Garden Salad
Carrot Soup
Duck Duck Goose
Snake River Farm's Beef
Abbaye de Bellos & mostarda
Madeleines & salted caramel
Lemon Curd
Petit Fours

Everything was really incredible, to me the stand out dishes were the carrot soup, terrine and duck duck goose.

Carrot soup was warm, comforting with a hint of spice plus brightness from orange, but what took it over the top was a paper thin crispy serrano ham, just the perfect crunch and saltiness to round everything out.

Terrine of chicken leg had a thin tangerine gelee with dill on top and was paired with a very unique dijon ice cream. The cold spiciness paired wonderfully with savory terrine.

Duck Duck Goose, what a funny name. A play on words, this featured duck ravioli with smoked goose fat and a cured duck egg yolk grated on top. The citrus component was a finger lime beurre blanc which really complimented the richness of the duck and goose.

Chef Curtis was very friendly and could be seen actively working the entire night. It was a pleasure to have him serve several of the dishes himself and explain the ingredients. The entire service team was excellent, providing wonderful service and open to answer the multitude of questions we had about each dish.

Looking forward to returning again on a different month to see how Chef Curtis transforms the newest seasonal ingredient.

More pix/full description:

212 S Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
+1 310 859 3418

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  1. I too really enjoyed my dinner there a couple weeks ago. Appreciated all the "little bites" that came before the start of the 9 courses, including the oyster w/ caviar. Delicious!

    The only miss of the night for me was the duck duck goose. Conceptually should have been a great dish, but was so under seasoned, that it felt completely flat.

    I felt like the wine pairing was also very average at best. They paired the carrot soup which had very bold flavors with a very dry viognier which added nothing to the flavor of the soup and made the wine taste like water. The sake was the best "wine" of the night imo.

    As for the service...I'm not sure if they are trying to market themselves as a fine dining establishment. They hired some FOH staff with impressive backgrounds (Alinea and French Laundry alum) but the service just didn't seem very polished, compared to Providence or the like. I would describe the service as friendly, but not fine dining.

    Thoroughly enjoyed my dinner and at $75pp, I think it's one of the better bargains in the city and looking forward to future dinners there.

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    1. re: TailbackU

      We opted out of the wine pairing for a bottle of champagne, was very curious about the sake that was served in the champagne flute!

      Service was good, funny and impressive to listen to them explain what seemed like 20+ ingredients in the chef's salad. But you're right, maybe not as buttoned up as some other fine dining establishments.

      I agree, at $75pp for a nine course tasting it's one of the better prix fixe options in LA.