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Aug 17, 2000 03:52 PM

A Great Dinner in Montreal

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We loved our Montreal vacation, and appreciated all the wonderful suggestions from Chowhounds.
Our most memorable meal - one of the best anywhere - was at Jongleux Cafe. It was superb!
It is small, beautiful, and comfortable. We asked for the upstairs, which I would recommend.
Service was exceptional - warm, friendly, attentive without being obtrusive.
My husband had the salad appetizer with crispy sweetbreads and prosciutto - marvellous. My entree was the best risotto I have ever had, with those great sweetbreads, tiny crisp morels, goat cheese (so mild you wouldn't know it)and other wonders. My appetizer was a gorgeous concoction with salmon tartare, caviar, creme fraiche, morels - it was heaven.
We coudn't resist desserts: mine was a fantasy of chocolate splendors, his was the cherry clafoutis with ice cream - even better.
Pricey - $160 Canadian including tax,tip, and wine - but exceptional!

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