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Feb 19, 2014 10:33 AM

Brooklyn Bakeries

Different bakeries have different specialties. Some have better cakes; others, better breads, etc. As an example, Ostrovitsky's, on Avenue J, has, in my opinion, good challah, but their cakes are nothing special. Which Brooklyn bakeries do you specificly like for their challah, challah rolls, breads, rolls, danish, coffee cakes (marble, babka,...), iced/frosted/ layer cakes, cheesecakes, pies, cookies...
Please be as specific as possible, about the items you really like, at a particular Brooklyn bakery.

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  1. I like the challah at Schreibers on Ave M. Also the dairy donuts at chanukah time. Ostrovitsky's has good cheese horns and recently started making chocolate cheese muffins I really enjoy.

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      It has been a while, but I really to enjoy Ostrovitsky's apple pie.

    2. Challah at Schreibers and Ostrovitsky. Issac's on Ave J for cookies and rye bread. Kaffs (ave m and ave j) for Russian coffee cake, also for cupcakes. Strauss on 13th ave for cream cheese rugelach.

      1. Is Schreibers the same ad the one on 14th in Boro Park ?? That one had AMAZING cookies.

        1. Ostrovitsky's challahs - regular and whole wheat and birthday cakes - most all of them are great
          Schreiber's for mini cupcakes (great for kids birthday parties) and their chocolate mousse birthday cakes and their cookies. not a fan of their custard cakes but i know people who love them.
          Kaff's for their character cupcakes (kids love them) and their chocolate mousse pies and their mini birthday cakes (great for celebrating with a friend).
          weiss's for their fruit tarts and most any birthday cakes.
          Yossi's for their rugelach and water challahs
          Presser's for the old-school cakes (marble, sponge, seven layer, chocolate chiffon chocolate chip) and danishes and hamentashen
          Isaac's for their challahs and kokosh cake
          Korn's for their cinnamon sticks and kokosh cake

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            On this site,someone commented that the rye bread in her sandwich at Gottlieb's was really white bread----the last time I had real rye bread was from a kosher bakery in Cleveland----all "haimishe" rye breads are now white with no or little rye in them---the frum consumer should refrain from buying such "rye" breads--buy rolls or whole wheat instead----when they get stuck with all those ryeless ryes they will know why!!!!This also applies to packaged haiumishe phony ryes! Aren't you tired of being ripped off because you keep kosher?????

          2. Pomegranate for egg challah and rolls
            Kaff's for black n white cookies
            Ostrovitskys for babka melt away

            For frosted birthday cakes, kaff's. I never buy what's in the case, I call ahead of time to place an order. They'll make pretty much anything you want and there's a lot more cake/filling options