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Aug 12, 2000 08:38 AM

Looking for recommendation from wine list at Toque.....

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We will be going back to Toque again in September. I am looking for a recommendation from anyone familiar with their wine list for a good, mid-priced red ($40 - 60 CA). While we have generally been pleased with our menu choices, our wine choices have been disappointing. My husband refuses to ASK the waiter for recommendations (and risk appearing ignorant) and orders a wine pretty much at random, so I would like to be informed and avoid this "Russian Roulette" style of choosing wines in the future! Many thanks for any help!

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  1. Your husband should NEVER be afraid to ask.

    I'm not sure if he still works there ... his name is Ange and he is the sommelier. He is friendly, and has an incredible memory of wines he has tasted. Or you could ask for advice from Christine Lamarche, the co-owner.

    1. Dear Christine,

      It's a shame that your husband refrains from asking the waiter about a wine selection. It's perfectly natural to ask what wine would go best with the dishes that you have ordered. The waiter would be very accustomed to that question, and would be pleased to offer a suggestion. Remember, very few people are such connoisseurs, that they have tasted most of the wines in any given restaurant's cellar! Your husband would actually appear more knowledgeable in asking, instead of choosing blindly, when his selection may be one that is inappropriate for your dishes.
      Here's a great wine-lover's page that may prove helpful!


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        Thanx for the site link - we're going back to Montreal this summer, so it'll be helpful!